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How to take care of your hair with homemade masks with nicotinic acid
Nicotinic acid, also called vitamin PP (vitamin B3), is involved in various oxidative reactions of the body. It dilates the blood vessels, which increases blood circulation in the follicles. The daily need for nicotinic acid in an adult is about 15-20 mg. Deciding to try this way of care, you need to keep in mind that nicotinic acid is a medical product, it is used only for the doctor's prescription. Otherwise, the results of self-treatment can greatly disperse expectations. It is also necessary to know that the acceleration of growth by this method can be achieved only in a third of cases. In half the cases, the use of nicotinic acid does not give anything. In addition, the procedure can cause a strong irritation of the skin not only on the head, but also on the fingers when applying the composition. When treating hair, it is important to use the right tools: hairtoolexpert.com/best-flat-iron-reviews.html Applying the product can cause severe headaches. To look after hair with the help of a home mask from nicotinic acid to increase the speed of growth of head of hair is contraindicated in case of hypertension. But since you still want to grow long hair, many people agree to take care of them in this home way, stoically undergoing the listed inconveniences, even with a health risk. Believing that they will be in the third of lucky ones, to whom this method will help to solve their problem.

You need to ask in the pharmacy for ampoules of nicotinic acid for injections (in one ampoule 1ml acid). The contents of one or two or three ampoules are applied externally and applied to the skin. You can mix acid with aloe juice, propolis, any non-fat component. It is better if the head is clean. After applying the preparation, the heat is felt. The agent is applied every other day for a month. Some rub acid every day — there can be no exact recommendations for this method of self-medication, everything is determined individually. Deciding to use this tool, it is worth first to try the action of nicotinic acid on a small, barely noticeable area.
Oil pepper tincture for hair growth
Another popular way to take care of hair at home, so that they grow better — apply oil masks based on red pepper.
The recipe for a pepper mask for hair growth is simple. Take high-quality olive oil (Virgin olive oil, even better Extra-virgin olive oil), a small red pepper (similar to carrots), a clean bottle of dark glass. Pepper finely chopped, placed in a bottle and poured with oil, infused 2-3 weeks in a dark cool place, but not in the refrigerator. The required amount of oil is determined experimentally and can range from 100 to 250ml. Having pepper in 100ml of oil, it is always possible to reduce the «burning» of the composition to care for the hair, adding just before use the right amount of slightly warm olive oil. The mask for care is applied to the scalp, covered with a film, aged for 1-2 hours, if the burning is tolerable. After washed off with shampoo.
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